Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What does a SinkTop switch do, what does it look like?
A:    The InSinkErator Single Outlet SinkTop Switch allows consumers to activate their garbage disposers by pushing a button installed in their countertop instead of having the disposer connected to an electric wall switch.

Q:    Why is the SinkTop switch undergoing a corrective action plan and voluntary replacement?
A:    Safety is the top priority for Emerson and its businesses. There have been isolated incidents of overheating caused by water leaking into the Single Outlet SinkTop switch’s electrical power module, creating a short circuit hazard. Even though the product is not intended to be exposed to water, InSinkErator has elected to provide replacement SinkTop switch kits that are better able to withstand accidental exposure to water.

Q:    How many incidents been reported?
A:    InSinkErator has received about three dozen reports of water damage causing overheating of the subject models of SinkTop switches.

Q:    Have these incidents caused any injuries or substantial damage?
A:    All of the reported incidents have involved limited damage under the sink. No one has been injured.

Q:    How long has this product been on the market?
A:    12 years. 

Q:    Does InSinkErator manufacture these SinkTop switches?
A:    No, the switches are provided by a vendor – InSinkErator only manufactures the disposer.

Q:    How many of these units have been sold?
A:    About 1.4 million units have been manufactured and sold between 2005 and 2017.

Q:    What are the model numbers of the units in question, and where were they sold?
A:    74300, 76703, 78251 and STS-SOSN.  Most were sold in the U.S., with a small number sold in Canada and Japan.

Q:    What are Emerson and its InSinkErator business doing about this problem?
A:    Safety is the number one priority for Emerson and its businesses. We have halted shipment of the product and had it removed from store shelves. We are launching a corrective action plan and voluntary replacement program to provide affected customers with a replacement SinkTop switch kit that is better able to withstand accidental exposure to water.

Q:    What is different about the replacement switch that makes it safer?
A:    The Dual Outlet SinkTop Switch being provide with the replacement kit features upgraded seals and other improvements to protect against water causing overheating.

Q:    How does the corrective action plan and voluntary replacement program work?
A:    With the approval of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Emerson is asking its customers to do the following:
•    Disconnect the power module to check the label to determine if their unit is among those being recalled.
•    Contact InSinkErator either by calling a customer service number (1-855-215-5695) or by visiting this website.
•    Customers will be asked to provide the model number and date code and to provide his or her mailing address. 
•    Customers will be sent a replacement Dual Outlet SinkTop Switch and instructed to discard and/or recycle the Single Outlet SinkTop Switch.

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